Visions Of Life
2004-05-18 13:55:07 (UTC)

A Day Off

I took today off of work. This is a first for me. I spent
all weekend working so I figured Id take a day off for my
sanity and health. We were supposed to go fishing at 5am
but it didnt happen. Maybe tonight. We are helping out his
mom in the afternoon. Steve takes out her trash and cleans
her townhouse once a week. He also helps with gardening
and helping her prepare to move. He would always help, but
ever since she was diagnosed with cancer, he is always
there, helping and cooking her food. I think she is doing
better but i never want to bring it up.

My new cat Aphrodite, the stray we adopted is becoming
more and more like Necromancer. At first, she was
amazingly graceful but now she is becoming a clutz.It is
very amusing.

Random thing from a magazine- "The documentary 'The
Science of the Sexes' noted that one ejaculation contains
enough sperm to impregnante all the women in the

My stomach feels all crampy today. I think its from my
traction last night. I had 85 pounds pulling on my pelvis.
It helps stretch it out but it feels weird.

Even though Im not at work, I am still working at home. I
have a problem. If I went on unemployment because of the
money situation, I would still work.