Cosmic Rain
2004-05-18 13:32:04 (UTC)

100% myself

"...I couldn't wake up in the face of your choice...I was
silenced by the calmness of your voice..Yet you had not
spoken a single word..Not one anyway that could be heard..."

Funny how things just come out of no where and they have
totally and utterly nothing to even do with what I am

This afternoon I found it quite wonderful that I could be
totally and utterly myself. And what an amazing thing that
is when you can be around people who allow you to be. You
don't find many in this world, so value those that let you
escape the trappings of conformity. Fuck those that don't
want to know you for you. Fuck those that don't let you
express you for the person within. I've known too many
people who want to supress others from being themselves.

So thank you to that wonderfully amazing person who allows
me to be me. I love you dearly for the person you are and
the friend you will always be.