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2004-05-18 03:19:41 (UTC)

boys CONTINUE to be stupid

blah.. so last night I told someone that my world ended the
day they stopped talking to me. this was someone that meant
everything to me, and after i said that, i signed off
because he was an ass and told me "to keep crying and the
world would stop when i didn't have something to complain
about". DEF two things i will NEVER forget for the rest of
my life. for ONE, i'm fucking sorry i am so hurt that we
aren't friends any more? TWO i can't believe he said that
shit, and then after i said he meant the world to me, calls
my fucking cell phone to find out why i said that... why
did you call if you didn't care? anyway, we talked about if
we would ever be friends again, and i said i would have a
hard time being friends with him if he still was friends
with Satan. "i can't go against my principles and drop
someone" well, than ya can't be friends with me. and then
he goes on and talks about how the last time we decided to
be friends again he made me compromise many things, but he
wanted to then take them back.. hmm.. is it bc now its MY
turn to make a request and you dont care enough about me to
work with me here... i dont know... people suck. Well, if
you want to be friends with someone 6 months ago said you
hated and wouldn't care if you have ever met her in your
life, than so be it. If you want to be friends with someone
who goes home and talks with her mom for hours (got
anything better to do?!) about how they think your weird
and go on and on, than thats your problem. I'll just sit
back and pretend that I didn't jeapordize my friendships
with both of you (WAY long time ago)to get you two to be
friends. Well, your friends now and im out of the picture.
OH and to the other person that concerns, im sorry I hooked
you up with your current boyfriend who your in "love" with,
and now neither one of you are my friends... god damnit, i
am fucking sick of helping people be happy when i get
screwed out the ass in the long run. SO i have come to a
conclusion... fuck everyone elses feelings, its every man
for themself... I am going to make sure I am happy, and
well, if your not, fuck you, thats your problem.. fix it

and my good friend blake said this and i like it, so im
putting it in here:

Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like reaching
for a star, you know you'll never make it but you just have
to keep trying


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