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2004-05-18 03:09:20 (UTC)

Ode to Brian

My good fellow friend Brian,
loves to hear me talk about Leo the Lion.
Donna D's english class is such a bore,
Brian knows very well I can't wait to run out the door!
He is a devoted reader to my lovely diary,
and came to me today in english with an interesting inquiry.
"Kelly," says he, "do you not care?",
"Do you forget about me in the events that we share?".
"Silly me!" I exclaim, "Where has my mind been?!"
Says I, as i sip the water out of my bottle filled up to
the brim.
This is something I must fix something I must take care of
right now,
ignorning my friends feelings is something I do not allow.
So here I sit at 11:10 on a school night,
writing this wonderful poem to make tomorrow bright.
As stupid as my ode might sound,
I know Brian would do the same for me if it was the other
way around.
So as my ode comes to an end,
here me say "Brian, thanks for being such a great friend!"