kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2004-05-18 02:50:47 (UTC)


I had a fun weekend. The highlight was Friday. John and I went over to
Dave's house. They started on an Xbox mod for Dave's Xbox. From
there we had dinner at the Claim Jumper. I had a great Apple Martini.
The only bad part was the price. $8.25 for a drink!!!

After that we went back to Dave's and he got his camera. Great Nikon
something...Digital SLR baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

We headed to a bar in Snohomish to watch some cover band. Dave
knows one of the singer/guitarists. It was cool. The guy got us each a
drink. I didn't think my rum and coke was all that strong, but Dave said
his was a little. Maybe I have a higher tollerance...I doubt that.

Today before class I got some booze. A little Bacardi 151 and Crown
Royal. I hope Dave is online when I get home, but I'm doubting that
since he's in Canada this week. He's at least two hours ahead of me and
I won't be home till nine or so.

I'm taping a show that has Backstreet Boys on it tonight. It's some
Motown thing. Should be totally sweet dude! My boys are amazing. I
could die happy after tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya'll