mY sToRy
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2004-05-18 00:24:49 (UTC)


nOtHiNg ReAlLy HaS bEeN gReAt In My LiFe NoR tErRiBlE sO
tHeRe Is ReAlLy NoThInG tO wRiTe aBoUt! Im StIlL sTuCk In
ThE sAmE pLaCe As UsUaL! bUt I lOvE aLl My FrIeNdS sO mUcH
fOr StAnDiNg RiGhT bY mY sIdE tHrU eVeRyThInG! AlL oF tHeM
AdD tHeIr OwN uNiQuE tOuCh To My LiFe!! I aLsO lOvE GoD So
MuCh rIgHt NoW bEcUs He Is CaRrYiN mE tHrU the HaRd TiMeS
rIgHt NoW aNd I cOuLdNt Do AnYtHiNg WiThOuT hIm!! WeLl
ThErE iS nOtHiNg To SaY sO i GuEsS i WiLl C yA lAtUr!

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