carole for Master
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2004-05-17 17:47:26 (UTC)

Master, this slave thanks You

Master, i wanted to make a journal entry to thank You so
very much from the depth of my heart for bringing my full
submissiveness out, blossoming like a rose. It is amazing
how accurate the quotes from the Gorean novels are Master.

In bondage it is your heart, your love, that blossoms.”
~Witness of Gor, page 524

i feel that so distinctly today Master, thank You doesnt
seem like enough, so it is with my heart body and soul
that i will thank You with, by serving obediently with all
my love, my heart, my soul, my body, belonging to You

i am Your slave Master, i am so very much Your slave
Master, and i beg for forgiveness when i am weak and worry.
i couldnt bare to lose You Master, i dont know what i
would do if i ever lost You.

i now feel that i belong totally and completely to You
Master, i havent stopped thinking about You all day
Master, not even for a moment. i feel as though i am right
there with You Master. i havent stopped smiling,
squirming, i am longing to see You again, longing to hear
You again, longing for Your touch Master, so very much.

i must close this entry now to fulfil the command that
Master gave this slut this morning, which has been making
me moan and beg sooo very much Master, even when i do
something simple as walk around, the plug makes me move in
a new way.

whispers, thank You Master, i love You Master,


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