Xx Millie xX

Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-05-17 09:07:44 (UTC)

The Meaning Of Life

Life should not be limited to the amount of grades you
have, the amount you write in an essay, how long you sit
and write in an exam.

Life is what you do with the grades you do have. The white
space on a sheet of paper you couldnt fill in an essay,
that could be filled with imaginings, your own wildest
dreams and fantasies. The amount of time after an exam when
you can sit and stare into space, imagining the rest of
your life and even the week, what you'll do, where you'll
go, the people you meet.

So dont waste your time worrying about school, college,
uni. Life is what you make it, whether anyone else says so,
or not. It belongs to you, not them.

And no bad grade or ski-ived lesson can change that.

Xx Millie xX

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