2004-05-17 07:55:55 (UTC)

In Case the Email is invalid, this was intended for Sweet_Everything, whoever you are...

Unwritten, unspoken, simply known, but not needing of
filling the air with the clutter of useless words - of
being in love. How the fire in her eyes burned the blue
into the skies, and seen me through - returned twice.
Healing a damaged relationship between her and her mother,
I was penned as the character Dragon Amor in her "The Dark
Thoughts of Eva Patterson"; essentially a symbolic summary
autobiography she wrote in the midst of our summerm
together, to which I replied many times in song, beginning
with "The Good in Eva Patterson". My first hearkbreak.

Dragon Amor was from "dragging no more", spoken quickly,
and thus misspelled to force the pronounciation. Eva
Patterson was thus "Evil Person", spoken quickly with a
thick gypsy accent.

Sad is mourning the loss of what once brought us joy, yet
joy remains in the memory - they are the same from
diferent sides, one the coming, one the going. Beyond
food shelter and water, we need 5 things: Sexual
fulfillment, Unconditional Love, Truth to oneself, Honesty
to others, and Drama - nothing taps them all such as a
lover - and in romance we are the true thrill seekers in
life, feeling the highest highs, and in consequence the
lowest lows.

I could lament to old age, in a fight for distraction, and
fill pages with empty, meaningless words - but such is
self consolence.

Maybe I'm just in an overly reminiscent, reflective mood
tonight, but it has been nice to hear from you again. I
love Wordsworth - he was talent. I don't meet many that
contemplate in these terms openly regarding lost love.
It's kind of refreshing, in an odd way, don't you think?
Feel free to email me directly if you wish, I've been much
less than diligent with my diary lately. I'm just
checking out some Tarantino flicks at the moment. What
befell your heart lately?