Day Dreams and Reality
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2004-05-17 02:09:01 (UTC)


its May 16 and i am April Foster
Life has not had alot of changes...me and allen are
still kinda on the rocks...i am givin him space but i dotn
know how much to give to him with out fallin away from him
forever...i dont know what to do i really like him
and...AHHHH what the hell are men for anyway??? i got the
pictures of us together back and they are so cute and nada
thinks hes hot...i was happy lol i really really want to
see him...ahhh why me ... well on saturday i had a track
meet and i was done doin my race so i went to go sleep on
the bus and when i wokeep...My hand was down a guys
pants...OMG I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO...so i acted like i
was sleepin and i rolled over...and then that same night i
went to stay at nickeys house and OMG i was sleepin on the
flod out bed next to her brother and i work up cause him
and his friend were feelin my butt and boobs...WHAT THE
SLEEPIN??????...that one needs 6 ? marks...and at the
track meet one of these guys that i like to hang
with...and he is soo fuckin hot...was there (he goes to a
different school) and i was standin up agenst the fence
with nickey and he comes up behind me and puts arms around
my waist...(which i liked lol)..then all of a sudden he
started humpin me i was like OMG... but that was ok
lol....hes a really cool guy..and to tell you the truth i
didnt mind all to much..hes a damn hottie ...well i have
to get goin i have to get to bed....i will keep ya

April Foster

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