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2004-05-17 01:05:50 (UTC)

Quiet Sunday

I did the baking for John's lunches this morning before

The total made from the quilt show was almost $500. There
was still quite a bit of food left over, so we all had lunch
of sandwiches, chips, soda and assorted desserts (pie,
cupcakes, brownies) afterwards. There were only 16 of us
today and not everyone stayed so there was lots of food.

I told Linda that now it was spring and warm I wanted to
start taking piano lessons. I had wanted to wait until it
was warm so that I could the church's piano to practice
without the church incurring the cost of heat. I have a key
and Pastor Ruth told me I was welcome to come and use the
piano at any time the church wasn't being used for another
function which is a good part of the time. It'll be easy
for me as I live so close. Linda wasn't sure if we would
start this Tuesday or the following week. I gave her my
email address and she said she'd let me know.

John and I took naps this afternoon. It's almost 6 p.m. now
so I need to start making dinner. I'll probably stay up
late and quilt or knit this evening as the nap was very
restful and I feel full of energy!

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