Erotic Stories
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2004-05-17 00:51:35 (UTC)

Part Three-The Exile Zone: Chapter One: Wench

Richard ushered her out of the carriage and to small
wooden shack. To greet then was a short fat man smoking a
cigar. He looked her up and down.
"why'd they send her here?"
"Fell in love with the Queen's interest."
"Ahhhh, i see." He outstreched his hand to
Francesca. "The names Jackson, you can call me Jack. I'm
really not a bad guy, you'll get used to the place."
"I hate it here already." Francesca said with a
scowl. It was then that Richard left and Francesca was
shown to her serving area.
There was something strangely homey about the room.
It was all wood with a huge mattress in the center of the
room with big red blankest drapped all over it and huge
tapestries hanging from the walls. IT was extremely warm
and the inscense was constant. A small girl sat in the
corner reading a book.
"Francesca, this is Ruby. She'll tell you all you
need to know." Jackson left the room. Ruby stood up. She
had red hair down to her back that was pin straight. Her
eyes were green with dark circles under them. She wore a
long red skirt and a matching bra top. Both had jewels
sewn into them. She looked extremely exotic and tragically
beautiful. Her lips were pouty and full and her cheek
bones ere high. She was shorter than Francesca by far and
extremely skinny. But her breasts were big for her frame.
THey jutted out and almost poured out of the bra. She
walked slowly towrads francesca.
"So you're the newbie. Welcome to hell. please, sit
down." She said in a cynical tone. "this is our serving
room. We sleep on the mattress together at night, and when
we serve we seperate the room with this curtain. THe rules
are: whatever the custumer wants, the custumer gets.
During the day, we're allowed to do whatever we want, we
have freedom here. Jackson is a nice guy, if a customer is
being really abusive, he'll throw em out. Dinner is at 6,
the customers start coming at 8 usually. got it? good."
She sat down next to Francesca. "Don't worry, if ever you
need someone to talk to, all the girls here are here for

9:30, Francesca had her first customer. A young, half
drunk knight. She was now wearing an outfit identical to
Ruby except in green. She tried to lead him as
seductivaley as she could into the serving room.
"So what can I do for you?" she smiled coyly.
"Just a quickie...." He quickly took off his
"I assume you paid Jackson at the door?"
"Yeah, yeah." He laid down on the bed naked with an
already full erection. Francesca seductively pulled off
her clothes and stood over him.
"I'll do anything you want." Just then ruby walked
in leading another knight in. She non chalantly led him
over to the other side of the room and closed the curtain.
Francesca lay down flat on her back on the
mattress. The knight lay on top of her pushed himself in.
He pinnioned her arms at her sides and pushed
rhythmically. Francesca led out a mild sigh as she felt
herself being spilt apart so quickly. THe knight worked
fevershley in and out of her tight, unlubed hole. He was
crude and started to moan as he came.
"Ugh....i hope you're on some sort of birth
"GOOD!!! OH GOD!" he came inside her and calapsed
on her chest. He recovered, got up, and put on his
clothes. "thanks....wench."

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