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2004-05-16 22:34:02 (UTC)

Ma hoose!

Heylo! hows it going? Am doing not over my
hangover which i had this was so fuckin bad!:-P
that'll teach me tho 2 drink vodka and beer and shots..!
ach wells!

Well last nite i had a social gathering of ppl which kinda
turned into a mini party! it was crazy! i was pished n
drinkin lotsa nice alcohol *bleuch* (no longer nice) lol..
So at mine was...


yay! they werent all here at the one time all of
them apart from the 4 at the end were here at the same time
tho! it was a really good nite..n i was well steamin..i
kinda dont even remember doin half the shit iv been told i
done..but hey it was a good laugh! cant be bothered saying
most of the stories which happened but aye!

2day i went 2 ma dads for a wee while after i got over ma
massive hangover! :-P jeez it ws bad..! i wasnt sick or
nuttin bt i thot i was gonna b wen i smelt the fag smoke!
bleuch! dya kno i can still taste fags in ma mouth even tho
iv had curry and brushed ma teeth about 4 times 2day! it
really isnt pleasant!

2nite..i jus came home n chilled about with ma mum n went n
got food with ma mum then Jonny foned me so i went n met
him at the arts centre 2 give him back his keys which he
left at which he foned abt 6.30 to tell me 2 look
for them! LoL! had a good chat with him on the wall! :-)!

Well i read Andys diary..:-S i mite b wrong bt the girl i
fink he's talkin about mite b me! imagine it wasnt!
lmfao! :-P wud b pretty funny bt yeh..anyhoo i feel like a
bitch coz i kinda explained 2 him my situation about him
2nite n i fink iv made him feel Andy i kno ur
gonna read this and im sorry x x but i jus confused! and
yeah ur rite 2 not wanna b the middle man as u put it! ach
wells..! anyhoo lets talk about summit cheery b4 i leave

oOo..i got the pic of incubus n all of us! its well good
and now saved on my desk top as my so
pretty..ill never forget that day ever! :-)! im all smiley
now..see it always works :o)!

Well this is a fucking long entry n im jus about 2 go for a
a bath so i shall spk 2 u's all laters!

- x adios x -

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