An inconcluded life
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2004-05-16 20:52:12 (UTC)

What I found today...

A good friend of mine who is having the exact same kind of
trouble I am having with life wrote this. It makes me
wonder to what extent it might be true??? My dream came
true. It was indeed like a movie, but it came true!!! It
did not end... and hope? I hoped so much that maybe that
is why it came true bringing me all the happiness a human
being can ever muster.

27.02.2004 (skrevet 21:28 27.02.2004)
Dreams: A dream is like a movie. You watch it, enjoy it,
and let that be that. Dreams do not, contrary to popular
belief, come true. They end.

Hope: Don't bother. Things happen, or they don't. They go
well, or they don't. It's all a matter of statistics. Hang
on to hope, statistics say that you will or you will not
be disappointed. Keep in mind that what you want to happen
may or may not make up a very small percentage of the
possible turns that reality might take. Hope something
specific, and you'll be playing against the odds.
Probability of failure is inversely proportional with the
likelihood that your hope will come true.

Happiness: An illusion, made up of the abovementioned. Do
never admit to being happy. By doing so, you drastically
increase the probability that the conditions making you
believe you are happy will change to something which may
well and quite likely ruin that illusion.

27.02.2004 (skrevet 18:15 27.02.2004)

Sick in the body, sick in the head, sick in the heart.
Hard to tell which caused which, and which is just a
result of the other two. Home from work. Sunlight hurts my
eyes, and that damn ice cream van keeps driving around
like it owned the place. I've no mind for ice cream, no
mind for its music bell and definitely no mind for the
outdoors. Time to draw the curtains, sit alone and curse
the dark, and wonder why. No why anything in particular.
Just why.

Life goes around in circles
And I run around after it
Can never keep up
Always one step behind
Always one minute too late
Always looking the wrong way
Confused, disoriented and lost
Always in the wrong place
Over, and over, and over.
- inShadowz