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2004-05-16 18:20:50 (UTC)

yup yup yup!

hey buddy!hmm weekend interesting but fun..friday i went w/
my cuzzins to a baseball game!that was some funny
shit...yellin at the other team!i also talked 2 lessa that
night 4 like an hr.,she told me 2 eat the animal crackers
sheesh!lol nvm..after baseball which ended like 2 hrs.
later,we went to mcdonalds across the street from where i
used 2 live 2 c ashley but she wasnt workin but i saw my
friend mike that ive known since ive moved 2 vegas,i also
saw a few of my friends,kristina & andrew..i think there
stuck up now,but w/e!so i got an ice cream & me & my
cuzzinz chilled there...went 2 hollywood video & guess wut!
we got scary movie 3! lol i didnt watch it that night cuz i
passed out at the very beginning of it lol..ne who then
next day my aunt wakes me by flicking my ass & blasts the
mexican music i was like wtf maaan!lol she made some yummy
pancakes skinny things!mmm i had 5 i was rollin!got dressed
went to sum karate shiznit that was very intersting if u
ask me!we were there for 2 hrs. agh!then drove all the way
by cali..went to a zoo,i got 2 pet a goat lol..& i saw the
koolest bird! the feathers were as big as my whole body! i
was like whoooo!ne who after that we ate a bunch of old
skool candy,watched some show,& walked around...it was
awsome then that night we went to a restarurant & ate
chicken fingers,onion ringz,& some pepper thingiez! it was
yumz!& i got hit on by a 24 yr. old aaaah ya fuck!so she
drove me home & then that night i met ray at the park & we
went to a party...talked 2 alessa the whole time lol..then
went into this guyz room & he has like 10 kazillion gunz i
was liek omg & ray picked up the loaded gun & was movin it
around.. oh i was out...i ran outa that room like damn!then
jus went home,talked,& watched friends yayaa...im out

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