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2004-05-16 07:58:21 (UTC)

my dae

2dae waz a prettie kuwel dae...i woke up l8. had cereal
wit my grandpa. den i wanted to come on da internet, but
my mommie sed "no" so i cudn't. den all dae i had to watch
my sis. she waz being really i had to watch
her da hole dae. nau it's lyk 10:00 @ nite n im rittin. i
jus really wanted to let everwun noe hau much i luv my
boi...I LUV LOGAN MANTANONA. he's so fine, n sexy, n hot,
n kyute, n all of da abuv. i literally luv him wit all my
heart. i jus wanted fo let everywun noe hau much he means
to me.

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