Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-05-16 07:24:44 (UTC)

drinking pale guiness

so, i went to the bar tonight with
three of my co-workers, and one of my
new friends whom i met through being
a geek and playing Vampire.

Tom, the other geek friend, drove me
and chris to the bar, where we met laura
and leslie.

I was so staving after only eating a
couple of pizza pops earlier, and so
i decided to eat the "$5" burger, lol
i love new city, it's a great place to
have fun in.

I proceeded to flirt with my boss/trainer
leslie, cause she was there, lol, and not
for much else. chris, on the other hand
managed to get the "you can take me home"
nod from leslie, and they left early. Laura,
took off too, leaving me and tom
to fend for ourselves.

What else... oh yeah, I talked with some
people whom I know from the bar, Avery is
always a gas, met some people I didn't know
saw my old boss from little ceasars and his
girlfriend too, they were fun to hang out

The final tally of my drinking, 3 guiness,
4 shots of tequilla, 1 vodka cooler, and
half a pint of ale.

then I came home.. and proceeded to have the
most bizzare dream about kristen. and woke up
in the middle of a lucid dream about a night
road, rain and a something, i don't know.

weird night, weird week.