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2004-05-16 04:07:15 (UTC)


are so important and telling

i tried to read yours today and i couldnt

what i wanted your eyes to say
was that in that moment you locked in and
connected with me with something deeper
than just faces and wanted to reach out and
stop me for at least that second to have me by you or tell
me something but at least
they conveyed that i was someone
that you had specifically wanted to be there for you

what you could have thought
was hey there's that person I know. it's cool
she came. i'll thank her later.

what you could have thought
i have to hold on tighter and show her
that I know what she thinks sometimes and how she wants it
to be, and I have to show her that it can't be, and by
locking eyes with her for a little while, this will do the

what could have happened
it was a fluke, and you never really
focused, and the look i felt like intensity was really
your glazed over look when you dont really see anything,
let alone me no matter what i mean to you.

so why did my heart leap into something i
can't decide on and I wanted to cry unsure of why i wanted
to do that?

why am i taking time on this kind of
thing? why is it so important to me?

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