The Sexy Blonde
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2004-05-16 03:31:34 (UTC)

Nick Berg Video

I saw it today.

I had a very relaxing day. I woke up around 2p.m., cooked
myself something to eat, got on bolt. Took a break from the
computer, and watched two movies while I did laundry. I
cleaned my room, and got ready to go to Jose's house, and
now I am sitting here patiently waiting for Jose, but he
knows when he gets here he is going to get an ear full
because I already told him I didn't want him to be picking
me up late, and to be driving late on the streets are night
here in Dallas, so many people are shot, hit by drunk
drivers and many other things. I am a real worry bug.

Now tomorrow Jose and I will most likely be at the Low
Rider show here in Dallas, Chingo Blingo is gonna be there,
and some other people. Right now Jose is late picking me up
because he is fixing one of the Low Riders that was acting
up real bad today, someone brought it to his shop, an old
friend. But tomorrow thats where I will most likely be.
Hopefully, Jose and I are going to get a cell phone for me

This evening I witnessed something that changed my life.
Most people probably never want to see it, but I did. I saw
the Nick Berg video of him being decaptitated. I cried at
first, and I was in shock. Shock for the fact that this
happened to an american. An american that lived in the
United States of America. I was horrified just thinking of
the concepted. I analyzed the video and thought about it.
God Bless Nick Berg, his family, and every United States
American in Iraq, and to every person who doesn't deserve
this cruel and intentional punishment.


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