2004-05-16 00:41:47 (UTC)

Quilt Show Ends

When I entered the church yesterday evening after dinner to
help with the quilt show who did I see but Lisa and Kelly!
I see Kelly fairly regularly as she works at the Corvallis
library but I hadn't seen Lisa in years. I've know both of
these women for many, many years as their children and mine
went all through school together. It was great seeing them
both and we had a long chat! Lisa quilts and said she would
bring some of her quilts next year.

I checked my e-mail early this morning and I found one from
Karen who told me that shortly after I'd left yesterday
evening Aimee had shown up at the church all excited because
Kyle had come home unexpectedly. He's in the Air Force
National Guard and just completed basic training and weapons
training at Lackland. No one told her he was coming home
early and they kept it a secret from her so she would be
surprised! And boy was she!

John and I went to Corvallis and Albany this morning. Just
before we left I went to the mailbox to check to see if the
mail was here yet and there was Karen on the front steps of
the church telling me Don from the Brownsville Times was
there and wanted to know if I wanted to have my photo taken.
I smiled and said no. Bob later said that was pretty
tricky of me to call and ask Don to come at at time I knew
I wouldn't be there! It was accidental but it was certainly
fine with me!

We went to the Folk Club (didn't find anything worth
buying), then the library to pick up our library books. We
did the recycling and went to Goodwill (didn't find anything
there either). Then on to Albany to pick up John's boots and
shop at Costco and fill the van with gas. We were home by 1 pm.

After fixing and eating lunch I went back to the church.
John S. was there with his wife Claudine eating lunch and he
came over and said his wife wanted to talk to me. She wanted
to thank me for the note I'd written to them back in
February thanking them for the daffodils they'd planted
all along the highway. She'd tried to call me numerous
times, she told me, but the phone was always busy. That's
because the number in the book is actually the number we use
for Internet access. She told how much that note meant to
them both, including that I prayed for them every time
I drove by. I thanked them both again for bringing so much
beauty to so many people.

Aimee also came by and told me all about how Kyle and
everyone had kept it a secret that he was home. She'd tried
to call him at Lackland but only got his machine and was
concerned and she told this to her older son, Brian. Little
did she know that Kyle was staying with him until they could
surprise her that evening. Brian told Kyle he'd better call
her so he called using his cell phone at 9:30 a.m.,
pretending he was still in Texas, telling her things like
"well, I guess I'd better eat lunch now". They surprised
Emil first, at work, and got him in on the plan. He called
Aimee and told her that Brian was taking them out to eat at
a restaurant in Corvallis for dinner. And when they walked
in the restaurant who was there but Brian with Kyle and Kyle
was all spiffed and polish in his uniform. Not
surprisingly, she bawled. Gee, I would have too!

The quilt show was very successful. I also met some other
local quilters and all seemed excited about the idea
of having a guild or club or some kind of organization for
quilters to meet and have fun.