2004-05-15 23:54:42 (UTC)

5 days left...

5 school days left of my junior year.. fuck ya... 3 down 1
to go.

Yesterday, right after school i met back in donna d's
classroom to meet up w/ my english class to work on our
movie project for the crucibal. well, we (megan and i) show
up a little late bc we go right after school to get her
camera at her house. i got to ride in her car, lol, that
was cool. um, once we get to the class, we sit off to the
side bc we decide we don't wanna be in the movie, lol. um,
so we are the video people. during the actual scenes of the
play, i wanted nothing to do with the movie, but once we
started doing the commericals, i wanted in on the action
since one of them was my idea. i got to drive my moms car
and do a burn out, and the rest, i didn't really care
about. haha. um, after we got done working on the project,
it was aroudn 6 and i had to leave to go to babysit. i
babysat till 10 and guess what.. max broke his arm! on
mothers day he had tripped over a bat and broke his arm,
but he only has to keep the cast on until june 2nd. AND
(this is classic) he was down stairs watching tv and told
him if he needed me to come up and get me bc i was going to
clean the upstairs. well, once i got done picking up, i sat
down on the coach.. and fell asleep... and max came up and
was like "kelly" and i was like "uhhh yea" and he
said "were you sleeping" and i was like OH SHIT "umm HAHAH
i got you! you thought i was sleeping" lol, i SO saved my
ass. it was funny. got $40 bucks.. i was happy

Today at work.. one of our first customers came and got hot
tea... so i went over to the coffee machine and filled the
cup up w/ scalding hott water, and then put the tea bad
in... and i pushed the lid down on the cup and the cup
tipped over and poured all over my right leg and foot.
well, my foot got the worst of it and i cleaned everythign
up, and about 2 hours after it happend, i knew my foot was
hurting really bad, so i looked at it... blisters and
redness all over the top of my foot. yea... 3rd degree
burn... my parents are all pissed off bc i didn't fill out
an injury report, but i didn't look at it till hours after
it happend... so oh well, they wanted to take me to the
hospital, but i wouldn't let them... so i just put gauze
over it.. and hopefully it will heal ok. so yea.. im
hungry.. i haven't eaten anything since yesterdays school
lunch, so im going to go make a PB&J sandwhich.. i might
write again later tonight!