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2004-05-15 21:33:06 (UTC)


ok so anyway, what r u doing right now? its saturday and
its 4:30(pm) and im bored out of my mind. colby and zach
were here but they wanted to go up to old webster so, they
did. and i stayed cause im trying to figure out waht im
doing tonight, i wonder if u went to sixflags, i hope u
didnt cause then i would call u and ud be there and we
could do somthing with some people, but since i dont have
a phone book thing i cant call u!:( so this is my only
communication......:( well call me anytime tongiht if u
want to and we can do something or ....something... like
talking!!fun!...anyway just call me if u want to..ill
probally write another one of these today, bye

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