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2004-05-15 16:20:52 (UTC)

5.15.04 Cats are Hoopin'

Yeah! It's hoopin time! I know all my entries are
about girls, but the one thing that can successfully
curtail my ever-growing thoughts of girls is basketball.
And since my surgery, I haven't been able to hoop.
For those who don't know, I will now go in depth
about why I couldn't play basketball, or do anything
physical, for that matter. This may seem somewhat graphic,
and if you are a female or just one with a low gag
tolerance, you are reading your disclaimer. My fellas, the
twins, the two guys under the Big Cheese of the male
anatomy, the "balls", "nuts"....they were, well, twisted,
when I woke up one Monday morning. It was awful, lotta
pain, etc. Cause ya see mine were a bit lower to the floor,
aka the bottom of the "scrotum", than they should have
been. SO the doctor decides he'll open me up through the
skin, and add tissue so that they'll be better elevated.
Yeah, I wasnt too thrilled about it either.
And so I go through all these tests. On one of them, a
nurse (and not just any nurse...she was so attractive,
stunning) gives me several towels and says "hold your penis
while i do the ultrasound." Okay...any guy knows its hard
to keep self control in this situation...but of course it
gets worse..She proceeds to slowly rub this creamy,
soothing gel, onto my Still very difficult.
THEN she takes out this vibrating thing that actually sees
through the skin, and proceeds to gently spread the gel
around...erotic, to say the least. I swear, every salacious
thought EVER popped into my head. it took everything not
to..well, ya know, and completely embarass myself. i did
okay though...I had to think of stomach rolls, hairy rears,
and girls with unshaved legs. I did okay though, and was
able to avoid completely embarassing myself.
Anyway, this obviously limited me from basketball. But
I'm back now. And more ready than ever.