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2004-05-15 14:44:17 (UTC)

Lovely Spring Saturday

Today I am going to Wal mart. To buy some Flowers to plant.
And Send some pictures to my friends and family. That is
all my plans for today . Well At least I know of.

Hey it is 8:53. I had a great day. My dad and I wented to
this mexican restruant we go like every sunday. but we
wented there today. well when my dad up front paying the
bill our waiter ask me. "Do you have a bf"? And I thought
he said if my dad was my bf? I said "no he is my dad". And
he said "no do you have bf"? and i said "oh noI use to but
we broke up". and he said "can I have your phone number"?
and I said "I am only 18". and i ask him "how old are
you"? I thought he said 75. I said 75 and we both luagh
and he said 25. I said oh I am sorry. And i said "let me
think about it". then i left
with my dad.

I can't beleve that. that is shocking. and funny.