2004-05-15 12:02:47 (UTC)

First Day of Quilt Show

Carol and I set up quilts as they arrived while Karen set up
the kitchen. Pastor Ruth helped people fill out the
paperwork as they brought in their quilts. We were all
ready to go a half hour before we were set to open. We have
more than 60 quilts to show and some are truly gorgeous.
I've posted photographs on my webshots page.

We had some time to talk as we worked and there's a thought
of starting up a Central Linn Quilt Guild. The closest
guild to us is in Lebanon which is a 40 mile round trip on
winding country roads. Karen and I are going to talk to the
administrative board about holding the meetings at the
church. Our next meeting is on Wednesday and one woman said
as soon as she gets the okay she'll put an ad in the
Brownsville Times and away we'll go. How fun!

Carol said she tapes the Simply Quilts show on HGTV and said
when she finishes up a tape full of them she'll lend it to
me so I can watch them too!

I also saw how tired and drawn Penny looks as she worked at
the lunch cashier's table. I've decided to make my first
prayer shawl for her.