2004-05-15 11:46:16 (UTC)

Shawl Ministry

The choir went to a nursing home in Albany for practice

I had trouble finding the nursing home. I'd been told it
was right across the street from the hospital but couldn't
find it. I ended up parking just kitty corner from it but
didn't realize it. I saw a man in a security guard uniform
coming out of a building, a house turned into offices, as I
got out of the van and asked him and before answering he
asked me if I were with the choir. That struck me as odd.
I wondered how he'd known that. I felt a little foolish when
he pointed it out to me; there was a big sign right in
front. I should have looked around first.

After we finished and I went back to the van I looked at the
building the guard had been in and saw that it was the
community ministry building. I had just read about them.
They were beginning a shawl ministry program. These are
ladies, although I presume men aren't excluded, who knit
shawls to give to hospital patients, those who are grieving,
who are undergoing medical tests, recovering from surgery,
etc. I had heard of this before and like the idea. I can
think of several people in my life who might want and use
such a prayer shawl. People like my friends Aimee who is on
disability and often in pain and Penny who is undergoing
medical tests to see how far her cancer has progressed. I
have too many projects going now but I've put this one on my