Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-15 08:48:04 (UTC)

I'm The Left Eye, You're The Right. Would It Not Be Madness....

My eyes have been killing me for days now, I don't know if
its that I've been spending more time in smokey pubs or if
its that I've been looking at this computer screen a lot
more than usual. Probably a bit of both to be honest. I feel
like I've been chopping onions for about 2 but all the time.
That bit, you know, before the eyes start watering but they
still smart a bit.

I noticed it first during inviligation - that constant
looking at nothing - you can't really focus on anything in
those rooms - but its getting, well, not worse, but its
lasted longer.

Anyway. That's enough about my eyes.

I'm having another quiet day in the house today, I think, I
need to do some tidying, and I really quite fancy a coffee.
I need to acknowledge someone for getting the better of me
in a 'it WAS a long biscuit' gag the other day., I won't watch Eurovision, I'll probably put on one
of the first two Harry Potter films, I'm getting quite
excited about the third already. What? I can do that.