Joronas Temnra

2004-05-15 02:16:39 (UTC)


Spring.. Life, green leaves, sprouting plants.. and the
start of the time of year that I can actually begin to do
things, that I can focus, that I can learn.

And what happens?

School ends. All the places that I had been having chances
to learn step away, vanish into the mists. The best time for
me to learn, and it's the hardest to find the opportunities.
Talk about a kick in the teeth.

No co-op placement either.. ah well. I am becoming a
statisitc. I suppose I could always take two weeks, head
back to the family home and taunt Karma by dangling off a
near vertical roof... but that would mean I don't get to
spend time with the people who really understand me. I
wonder why I try sometimes, I really do. I should just break
down and start buying lottery tickets once a week. Get
lucky, win enough to pay for a couple years of school... and
take a two week vacation to visit people.