A day in the life of me.
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2004-05-15 01:56:49 (UTC)


Ever since I started living at my friend "Sally's" house I

have felt unwanted. I don't mean by her and her parents but

by my mom and siblings. I don't get to see my mom except on

the weekends and every weekend I'm here she has plans with

her boyfriend, and she knows how homesick I get. My sister

hates my guts right now but I don't really care cause right

now she hates me because I hate her. I had a chorus concert

the other day and I made it a point to invite my brother

because I haven't seen him or my nephews in a long time and

he didn't even call me back to tell me he couldn't make it.

He just didn't show up. At the concert I bawled my eyes out

because we sang a song that reminded me of my father (he

pasted away when I was four). My mom and my sister don't

like my brother and that's a problem for me because I

really look up to him and I can't even say his name without

getting some kind of rude comment. I mean he's family, come

on. What he did isn't as bad as what my sister is doing and

nobody is disowning her. That's why I hate her, she's

sleeping with a guy who is married and has a kid just cause

she THINKS she's in love and cause they think it's alright

because he caught his wife cheating on him three times.

That doesn't make it any better and the real reason I'm

pissed is because she knows what our mom went through when

her first two husbands cheated on her. And then there

is "Steve", remember him, well he broke up with his

girlfriend, "Jenny" and twelve hours later is dating the

chick he was cheating on "Jenny" with (Sara)and has the

nerve to flirt and kiss me on the cheek and hold my hand

and then ask me "to the movies *wink*". So I flipped out on

him and told him not to talk to me or even look at me until

"Sara" becomes another ex of his. I've been crying for

three days about all of this and I think I'm actually

clinically depressed and I don't really care anymore.