The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-05-15 00:25:12 (UTC)

5.14.04 Mind Games

Highlight of the day, in regard to the spectrum of
girls? Haha there wasn't one. But something really crazy
happened to me yesterday. This one girl, she
looks real good, like 8 outa 10....well we're in the
library or whatever-bear in mind that I haven't been on any
females in a while-and we're like alone, which of course is
a catalyst for one of my favorite activities, making out.
so ya know im closing in on the fe (fe is short for female,
if you dont know) cause im all ready to make out. and she
gave me acouple subtle signals that I doubt I read wrong
(im really good about signals) ya know im moving in
for the kill. We were talkin about something...Who knows?
My mind was on making out. But I remember saying "What do
you want for your birthday?" Her response: "Anything, just
make sure it's something material", followed by a giggle.
That was the anti-signal right there. So I stopped
in my tracks. That's like a girl saying "I know what youre
thinking, and i dont want it." youre probably thinking "all
she said was she wanted something material!", but no, no
no no, you gotta look into that stuff. Everything has like
7 meanings. (a) something material...arent all gifts
material? no, not gifts in the sexual realm. (b) I was all
in her grill, she HAD to know I wanted to kiss, and by
saying something with an implicit sexual connotation like
that, it was a move to shut me down and tell me "nah honey,
we're not makin' out." But if you remember, I DID pick up
on hints earlier that she wanted to do something! So my
question for YOU, dear audience, is the following: Why
would anyone wanna play with my head like that? Why can't
females just state what they want? Why does EVERYTHING have
to be a game? I dont know. But I don't like it. I dont like
it one bit.