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2004-05-14 23:00:35 (UTC)

Jonathan Ross!!

Heylo! hows all doin? am alritey!

Im watching Jonathan Ross n its amazin! hes had Dale Winton
n Ronnie O'sullivan n Morrisey on jus nows..n i hav 2 say
Morrisey is a rite prick! but i suppose it is his 1st tv
interview in 17 years! so yeh!

Ronnie O'Sullivan - PHWOAR!!! MmMmMmMmMmMm! hes the world
champion snooker player for all ye ppl that dont kno! :-P i
was watchin him during the tournament..n hes fuckin
lovely..i jus want 2 take him home! :-P LoL! ;-) anyhoo!

2day was ma godchildrens bday party! lotsa children runnin
about..17 of thm 2 b precise..screamin n dancing
about..some ppls idea of hell..n i dont really blame was pretty hard :-P even tho i didnt really do
much! cheers 2 Leesha n Emma for cummin along..*sorry if it
bored u's..x* then we went for mcdonalds..was well good!

aint really done much 2nite..erm..chilled about n stuff!
but aye! 2moro nite im havin sum ppl over 2 chill n get
pished! :-)! shud b good :-P! im drinkin vodka with le
leesha n stella artois 2! well good!

- x adios x -