worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2004-05-14 16:48:41 (UTC)

Chatting with Master

i kneel in front of my computer, knowing that
Master’s watchful eye is always upon me. i followed His
instructions as best i could. i hope i have please Him.
As per His instructions, i took my panties from the
day and stuffed them in my mouth and secured them with
tape. i took coarse twine and fashioned a very tight g-
string that cuts deep into my ass and pussy. The same
twine i wrapped repeatedly around the based of my tits,
again very tight. i wrapped a piece of dental floss
tightly around each of my nipples. And finally, i
remembered to take Master’s blue marker and
write “PAINSLUT” across my forehead.
Now i kneel before my computer, knowing that the
electronic eyeball reveals all to my stern Master.
His words appear on the screen. “Keep your back
straight, dumb girl. I can see we need to work on your
form.” i make the necessary adjustment. My hands remain
behind my head until instructed by Master to respond.
“Tomorrow you will hold this exact position while
balancing the dictionary on your head for one full hour.
If the book falls, you will beat the tops of your thighs
with cane ten times and begin the hour again. Continue
this until you get it right. And try not to take all day
about it you pathetic whore, I have other work for you to
i do not respond. Master’s orders require no form
of acknowledgment; they are only for Him to issue and me to
obey. i am not allowed to write them down. i must
remember all that He says and there are severe penalties
for forgetting.
“Did you complete your homework naughty slut?”
i nod once.
“Good. Send it to me.”
My homework was to handwrite 500 times, “i am a
pathetic, useless painslut and Master is too king to this
fat, ugly pig.” Each line was to be written perfectly. i
scan it into the computer and email it to Him. i wait
while He reads it.
“I see several words with poor penmanship and
numerous words that are crossed out entirely.” i am not
allowed to correct my mistakes or redo my homework, i must
turn it in ‘as-is.’ “Get your hairbrush you lazy fuck.”
i obey.
“Based on your number of errors and just general
laziness, give yourself twenty swats directly on each
nipple – HARD!”
i line the wooden back of my hairbrush up over my
left nipple, then smack it hard. Fire shoots through my
tit. i know better than to lighten the stroke, Master
would not be pleased. i alternate left tit, right tit –
smacking my nipples hard. Tears well up in my eyes as the
pain grows. Finally i finish. i lay the brush down next
to me and return my hands behind my head, remembering to
keep my back straight.
“Tomorrow you will repeat the assignment. And I
suggest you pay more attention to detail you dumb dog or
those nipples of yours will be suffering much worse.” i
make sure to remember Master’s orders. Like today, the
lines will be written while kneeling with a large vibrator
up my ass, which made it a little hard to concentrate.
“Now, did you complete your chores, Cinderella?”
i nod.
“Show me.”
i digitally record my chores throughout the day so
Master can monitor me. Now i connect the digital camera to
the computer and transmit the feed to Him, then return to
my position. Master only scans the three-hour session,
looking for faults.
“I don’t see you scrubbing the kitchen floor,
bitch.” Shit, i forgot! “You are one dumb slave. Looks
like your nipples want more attention after all. Get an
emery board.”
i crawl to the bathroom and return with the
requested item. Master has never asked for this before and
i don’t know what’s coming, but i guess i won’t be filing
my nails.
“Hold one end of the board firmly and pull the
other end back, then let go so it slaps directly on your
left nipple.”
i obey. My eyes go wide as the pain rips through
my already tender nipple. Who knew that such a little
thing could deliver such a sting?
“Do it again, same nipple.”
i obey. More fire.
i obey.
Ten times on the left nipple then ten times on the
right. i am crying and wishing Master would be so kind as
to have me punish another area of my body. Wishing is all
i can do since i cannot communicate with Him without His
permission. My nipples are throbbing and i fear what may
come next. Master is never kind when i make mistakes. Nor
should He be, i am just a pathetic painslut.
“Tighten the floss around your nipples.”
i reach down and pull the ends of the floss around
each nipple until the pain is quite severe, hoping not to
disappoint Master further.
“Tomorrow you will take your toothbrush and scrub
every kitchen tile one by one – including the tiles on the
walls and counters. You will wear a nipple clamp on your
left nipple for the first tile, then move it to your right
for the second. Continue switching it back and forth after
each tile until every one is spotless.” This will have the
desired effect of creating the greatest amount of continual
pain in my nipples. That is what i deserve for being so
dumb as to forget to clean the floor.
“When you are done, you will take the emery board
and give each nipple another ten flicks.” Again i do not
respond, but Master knows that my eyes plead for mercy
while my mind says ‘thank you Master, i will obey.’
“Pop quiz slut – what is my favorite piece of your
lingerie?” This is one of Master’s games. i crawl to my
bedroom and return with a red teddy that Master bought for
me – i know He loves how i look in it. i hold it up in
front of the eyeball and watch the screen, hoping i guessed
“Wrong.” Damn. “My favorite pieces are the bra
and panties i had you stuff with tacks.” Figures – my
least favorite thing to wear. Guessing right usually gets
me momentary praise, guessing wrong gets me momentary pain.
“As penalty I want you to smack the tops of your
tits with the hairbrush – two times, hard.” i am happy to
obey, at least my nipples are getting a rest. i hit the
tops of tits twice.
“Are you blind girl?! I said HARD! Do it again.”
Master is right, of course. i was so preoccupied with
sparing my nipples my ‘smacks’ were more like ‘taps.’ i
bring the wooden brush crashing down on the tops of my tits
as hard as i can. This time i really feel the pain.
“That’s better, but I don’t like having to repeat
myself. If I were there I’d slap your ugly face for being
such a stupid cow. In fact, why don’t you go ahead and do
it for me.”
i take my right hand and slap my right cheek,
making sure not to slack off this time.
“Do it again.”
i slap my face a second hard time.
“One more time.”
i obey.
“Next pop quiz – how many belts to I own?” i am
supposed to pay great attention to Master because the more
i know about him, the better i can serve him.
i type what i think is the right answer, “five.”
“Wrong again bitch – I own six. I bought a leather-
studded one last week just to use on your fat ass.” Well
how was i supposed to know, He never told me. Still, it is
His game.
“As penalty I want you to hold your nose until I
say stop.” With my mouth taped shut this means i won’t be
able to breathe. i inhale deep and pinch my nose closed,
then watch the screen. Seconds to by, soon they feel like
minutes. i don’t want to disappoint Master again. Still
nothing appears on the screen. i’m getting light headed.
i can’t take it anymore. Master please i beg with my
eyes. Still no reprieve. i let go and inhale deep.
“Too bad little doggie, i was just about to say
stop. Looks like another penalty is coming your way.” i
imagine the last one was not intended for me to complete,
He wanted me to lose.
“Go get your tens unit.”
i obey.
“Attach the clamps to your big, fat pussy lips.”
i obey.
“Set the current to medium.” This is a rather
painful setting, but not quite enough to have me screaming.
“Turn it on then put your hands on your head.
Don’t more or turn it off until I say so. Don’t disobey me
again or you’ll be sleeping with it on.”
i obey. i turn it on and immediately feel the
electricity flowing in my pussy lips. It hurts and i try
to hold still buy my impulse is to convulse. i steady
myself and return to position. i stare at the screen and
“I said don’t fucking move. You better find a way
to hold still because as long as you’re twitching it stays
i try to still myself, but the electricity is no an
easy pain to ignore – muscles react to it whether you want
them to or not. Still i try clenching all my muscles to
hold still.
“That’s better. You dumb fucking whore, couldn’t
get that one simple question right. If you can hold still
for six minutes (one for each belt), you will be allowed to
turn it off. But if I see you move at all, you’ll be
feeling it for the next sixty minutes. Go.”
i focus all my energy on holding still despite the
shocking current running through my pussy. i can feel
beads of sweat rolling down my forehead. An eternity goes
“Well done slut. You mat shut it off now and
remove the clamps.” With pleasure!
“I have other things to attend to now and can’t
waste any more time on a useless pig like you. One last
thing for tomorrow, you can only eat food that you have
held in your cunt for at least three minutes. I don’t care
if it’s a carrot or an eggroll – you must shove it up your
cunt and hold it there three minutes before you eat a
bite. Don’t forget to spank that fat, ugly ass of yours
fifty times with the hairbrush before you go to bed. And
don’t forget all your other assignments for tomorrow bitch.”
And with that, the screen went blank.