Hokwan dish~
2004-05-14 14:39:56 (UTC)


In these school days, i don't really feel happy!
Friends~ for me is quite important, but did i got any? I
try to doubt in it now! I don't really think the friends
that i got now is my best friend! I find so much fault
between them but i don't know whether i tell them or not!
and i started to know the result is... we'll be ignored
each other if one day we were not studying in the same
class or we had finished F.5 or F.7!

Halie? Although she is my friend, but could this friendship
between ours can be forever? I don't know, but... i really
want to know!

B ma? I think our friendship is started to broken! It's
also the problem that i can't be happy everyday!

Although my smile which was wearing on my face was just my
tricky,but did these "best friend" know?

Sometimes, i really wanna to talk with them, but i can't!

I started to know who am I!!
I was a stupid guy who can be a pop star,
because I can act that character which was my opposite!
Is it laughable?