teen life
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2004-05-14 08:33:00 (UTC)

caleb 1

dear diary
i meet caleb at my bush craft course nothing really clickd
between us untill the last moment.
ever since then we have been talking on the net he lives
in christchrch and i live in wellington wich is on
diferent islands. he asked me to his pram i really liked
him so i siad yes he even told me that he loves me on the
phone nobodys ever said that to me verbally. on the 6th
may he asked me out i was so speachless i did say yes so
we have been going out 4 just over a week now. i have been
saving up money to buy plane tikets and a dress so i can
see caleb again. i think about him every second, every
hour and every day.
i can even rember the 1st thing he said to me at camp wich
was "you look cold"

love samantha

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