Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-14 06:03:36 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Two (Three And Half) - Again, under duresse

I'd forgotten a pub we went to, not because of any spite,
and Yes, it does matter, despite the amount of drinking
establishments covered in the rest of this collection.

When Ryan had left us, Didi and I had a while to kill, and
didn't want to go straight back up to his and straight back
up to uni, so we didn't. We went to a tudor looking joint
called Simple Simon's. I don't know who Simon is, but he
does the simple things well, and it works well for a pub. He
earns his nickname, but it is in no way perjorative.

Wooden floors, long benches, lots of folk-y looking people
(That 'folk-y' looks as if I'm trying not to swear) and some
very nice beers, very odd pictures on walls and very English
looking girls. It adds up to a treat.

Didi insisted on drinking on of the world's stronger lagers
(Was it 8%...yes...I think it was maybe more) which was
cider-y, but not in an unpleasant way. A few of them might
have been, but we only had the one.

And then moved on.

WILT? Don't Panic by Coldplay. But not the one I thought it