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2004-05-14 04:31:51 (UTC)

yes, again.

how in the hell can he do this to me every single day??
i cant take it anymore.. he dropped me off at nanna's
yesterday at 2pm.. i came home shortly after 7pm, was
told by a friend of mine, that he'd left half hour before
i came home.. he hasnt been home yet.. he's been back
to the complex because i was told he was over in the next
breezway at 1:30am this morning... my mother's friend
saw him in his car in olivhurst, near where Jennifer (the
bitch he fucked around on me w/)... she was in the
passenger seat, and two guys were in the back... i want
to throw up. i want to beat my head against the wall, i
want to slice open my arms, and pour rubbing alcohol all
over them, i want to beat the shit out of my legs until i
LEAVE!!!!! stop fucking me and laughing in my face!!
stop making me feel worthless!!! stop lying to me!!!
you've fucking ruined me!!! i'll never go into another
relationship the same!!! i trust absolutely nobody!!!
i hate you for what you've done to me, i hate myself for
letting you!!!!

i'll come back later and let u know what time he decided
to come home.

okay, it's 11:20pm friday. he came home at 7 this
morning. told me he was gone tweeking, and that was
jennifer in the car w/ him.. i want him gone. will
write more later... think he's home.

-----it's almost 2pm saturday.. he came home at exactly