daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2004-05-14 03:46:52 (UTC)

It's Been a Long Time

Yeah, I haven't written in about a year-I know this. Life
has gotten too strange, too horrific, and too beautiful to
report all of my comings & goings. That and my lack of
internet & computer. The main things that have happened,
though: 1.)N moving out after a huge spat & silent
2.)My mother having her phone (and therefore her
dial-up internet services) shut off.
3.)My sister getting pregnant.
4.)BH (not the moronic marvel)
5.)MJ moving in after a horrible winter filled
w/Mum/Dad/J-bug/Jed drama.
6.)The divorce of my parents.

However, I am getting ready to make more than one huge
transition in my life; apart from my soon to be
auntiehood, I am moving to the bulging metropolis that is
Cincy at the end of the summer to (drumroll, please) to go
back to college. Pharmacy school, here I come, with
trembling hands, tightened stomach, and petrified mind.
My aunt & uncle have told me that I am wasting my
miserable life here. They're not wrong. I am miserable,
I am wasting my life, and apparently I have potential.
I've given up on romance and that whole lot of potty
rubbish. I suppose a career & taking care of MJ,Pete,J-
bug, and Stella/Darla/Ava/Whatever she's going to name the
baby. Woohoo.

But I still miss BH. We never officially dated, but he
treated me better than any of the guys (pitifully few)
that I have. Heh, in fact, the most physical contact we
ever had was a hug goodbye. It ended up being the last
time I would see him. I'm not moving to the same city as
he did for any other purpose than pharmacy school or
helping MJ, though, I swear. I'd rather move to Columbus.
The thought of seeing him again makes me so nervous. I
really cared about him. I could go on for pages and
pages, but I've let those thoughts swim in my head until
they've become pruny with age and my friends are sick of
it, so guess, what...I'm not discussing him unless I'm in
the mood at L's house & really drunk. Mmmmm, Bud Light.

E & L are beckoning me away from the computer now. Au
revoir mes amis.