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2004-05-14 03:17:09 (UTC)

May 13th 10:01 PM

today was a pretty good day! TRACK DAY WAS SO FREAKING
BORING! mrs. propst wouldn't let us (me and caitlin) go
anywhere but we left anyway. Jillienne was being STRANGE
today... haha and nick wore a prep shirt it was funny.
Killian (sw?) fell! so did alex maldinado. caitlin was
getting really closter-phobic cause everyone was standing
around her talking. it was funny too. I passed the 7th
graders a couple times and some kid yelled i love you and
i looked to see who it was and i saw adam s. and tonight
rachel said she told him i wanted to hug his hott sexy
bod. haha! anyway. caitlin's shoes broke so rachel gave
her's to caitlin and rachel was bare foot all the rest of
the day. OKAY so after school me, rae, and caitlin went to
colby's and rae and caitlin wanted to go to old orchard so
we went to mcdonalds and we found binder there and then
luke showed up (he wasn't at school) and a lot of other
people were there. after getting eats we went back to
colby's but it seemed like the whole time i was there i
din't talk to colby much.. i donno.. I had to go to my
face doctor at like 4 for 15 minutes then i went to d-q
and got a grape freeze... YUM!!!!... and everyone drank
it... so i went back after that and everyone cough* luke
and binder*cough were putting their feet on me trying to
get rid of my fear. IT DIDN'T WORK! hah- no. then me and
rae were giving luke titty twisters and some to binder but
he would go all CRAZY on us so mostly luke and he was
trying to get us back. He didn't get me back till after
rae left. Rachel left at 6 and i don't remember cailtin
leaving :-P but yea. Then it was POURING and me and luke
went on the tramp while colby and binder stayed in. they
didn't want to get wet. But later binder came out. Then
later-later colby said we had to come in but we went to
the porch and waited for our parents. Colby was talking to
jessie on the phone while binder was all blah-blah name 10
characters blah-blah something.... then luke left. then my
dad came and took binder home then stopped by my moms to
get clothes for tomorrow and i got the wrong pants. NICE
KATE. thanks i know. anyway i got home round 8:45 and i
took a shower. colby thinks i take too many showers. but
then again he sucks so- yea. now i'm here talking to no-
one writing in this. oh yea. I noticed a little finger
shaped bruise on my boob! thanks luke

My Mood: tired

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