The Sexy Blonde
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2004-05-14 03:14:18 (UTC)

One more week....

I had a pretty awful day. I couldn’t find that stupid
Mammals book by Steve Parker, so tomorrow I will be paying
$15.00 for a book I did turn in. So fuck that school. I am
gonna steal a bunch of the books in the library and sell
them at some half price book stores or some shit…. Stupid
as school trippin over this stupid shit…fuck that. But
tomorrow I have to pay or I will be on the not clear list.
I am going over to Jose’s house tonight…he is going to pick
me up in a little bit. I am wearing a little dress…I hope
he likes it! Lol Anyway, nothings going on too much….I
can’t believe that school is almost over…omg this is kinda
scary…only 1 more year left to go and then that’s it. I am
going to be out of school, and my adult life begins.

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