u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-05-13 20:29:40 (UTC)

!!KENNY!!...and then some!

well here u go kenny its ur page in my diary like u
wanted! hehe now i must talk about u hmm...

yes, thats right, me and kenny still talk. not as much as
we used to, but we still do and thats wat counts ryte? he
called me yesterday and was all hyped/nervous/anxious
about him getin in a fight wit these guys from central.
apparently his ex gf cheated on him, and then he dumped
her, so she got the guy she cheated on him with, and THEN
some to go kick his ass.....hmm the ho cheats on him, but
HES the bad guy? AY MIOS DIOS! wats this world coming to...
ha! hes telling me now wat happned last night...its wierd
writing about him in here wen i no hes guna read it in
like, 2.5 lol

ahh i like how keghan tells osman all about my court! NOT!
she was all nervous cuz her english teacher accused her of
cheating n crap and shes like "i cant believe she would
ever try and put that label on me and bla bla bla" and im
like it could b worse, look at my case, they are going
around getting depositions from ppl n trying to find
evidence to say "well christinas a slut anyway, she wanted
to have sex with him" or "shes a liar, how do u kno shes
tellin the truth?" and os was like what? whos goin to
court? and im like nothing, nevermind and he kept on going
like no no, fo real tell me, wat happned? and keghan was
like u want me to just tell him? and before i could even
say no she was like "a guy came over to her house and
tried to rape her so shes going to court" and hes liek
omg! omg! who was it? and b4 i no it 5 ppl are all askin
me questions i didnt wanna deal with AT ALL... heres kenny
on wat happned las night lol but im out 4 now

chillymak87: so 5 of 10 lastnight i pull into the parkin
spot and i see like 10 cars and 2 motorcylces and like 6
guys i know and 10 i dont know standing there. i was i
like o man please let them be on my side! lol it ended up
bein like the toughest kids from memorial, some of there
friends who go to central and some other ppl like 20 yrs
old all there to back me up and i didnt know half of them
until lastnight now i got everyone on my back lol. so were
all there waiting for these 4 kids to show up and they
pull in the parkin lot in a red pick up and a silver
honda, didnt even get out just looked at us and took off
chillymak87: so i call them up on there cell and iam like
wtf get back here?! and there like fuck u theres like 20
of u and ur bois out there theres only 4 of us blah blah
blah we aint gonna fight
chillymak87: so derek shields and this other kid call them
up and tell them to get there pussy ass's back here and
fight or tell us where they are and we will go get them.
and they wouldnt tell us
chillymak87: we called them like 30 times tryin to find
them or get them back here and my ex answerd most of the
time and my friends were callin her a stupid slut and how
her bf is more of a bitch then she is and they didnt wanna
fight me at all even if my friends stayed outta it
chillymak87: so till like 11 we all just hung out and
raced after
chillymak87: they never came back and probably wont fuck
wit me or anyone from memorial again cause now a bunch of
the guys i didnt know until lastnight that go to central
are gonna be looking for them in school , so there gonna
end up fighting them and i wont even get to