Nick's Journal
2004-05-13 15:46:05 (UTC)


i wake up at about 10 am with a nice hangover. i turn to my
computer to see if i did anything stupid last night and then i check
my email. apparently my advisor has the audacity to email me at
11 pm last night stating that we were to meet @ 10:15, when he
knew that i would be too shit-faced to remember it.
so i hurriedly get on campus and just thought about how it would
really be my last time crossing it on a college duty.
i remembered the first day i got here , getting accustomed to the
sounds of the dorm and the fact that the lights were always on in
the hall. nothing is crazier than the concept of the dormitor. i
remembered me dave and jeff walked around to scout out where
our classes were and how i knew them by heart now.
my first day was mainly a day of errors, my first time getting drunk
in college resulted in me crashing down on a bike rack.
i went to floyd county jamborees, made a friend i would have never
atrributed to myself (jon-jon), met juliann :-) and just basically went
craz. i ate at the dining halls every night, every night was a buffett
of the most un-notrious food in the world and we ate it all.
if i were to enumerate all the things i could remember about
college i'd take a couple of hours. they say that you really don't
know what you had till it's gone, but that's just wrong. i lived and
appreciated college so much during my 4 years. the freedom
coupled with the chance to learn is just incredible. i can do
whatever i want when i want.
i saw this license plate that said GODB4MTV and i was like, "hell
yeah god is for mtv, cos i figured the owner of the car was black.
but then i realized it was a religious thing, god before mtv. "
that's the summation of my college life right there. i came in
thinking from my perspective, but then i was opened up to so many