Ramblings of a Mom
2004-05-13 12:38:27 (UTC)

What a Dreary Day!

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to do my diary entry, but I
did log in to see the other diaries and to check mine for
feedback. I normally get 0 feedback, but yesterday I got a
message, woo hoo! It sounds as if someone else benefits
from this online diary like I do.
Anyway, the baby had a 4 month well check early yesterday
morning and I had a bunch of other stuff to do in town (oil
change, baby food, etc). Yes, I said baby food. As of
yesterday, he was cleared to start eating baby food. Last
night we tried carrots, he didn't like them (so far). At
first he was too tired and hungry to want it, so then I
nursed him and he went to sleep briefly. After he got up,
I tried the carrots again, and he turned away, making sure
to wipe all that was in or near his mouth on the spit rag
and my shirt. After me doing that to him twice, he
wouldn't even turn his head back towards me.
Yesterday he also got 4 immunization shots. I was so
impressed, he only whimpered with the third shot, then when
the fourth one was done, he turned to the nurse and
smiled. He did well the rest of the day (of course I had
him on Tylenol for any pain). Then last night, a little
after midnight, when he got up for his usual feeding, he
was burning up. I mean, literally burning me, he was soooo
hot! I took his temp and it was almost 101 (100.9). I
gave him some more Tylenol after he nursed and put him back
to bed. He's still got fever this morning, but either I'm
not shocked by his heat, or it's lower than it was.
So, combine that with the dreary weather, it's so overcast
and wet, it hardly looks like daylight yet in the house,
and that usually happens nearly 45 minutes ago!
We'll be home and around the house today, trying to get the
baby to feel better, so I guess I better get started on
chores around the house and make the day at least
productive! Later!