Self harming dyke
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2004-05-13 12:32:43 (UTC)


Well am sitting here at uni feeling BORED! I feel like the
lectures part of this course is totally stupid. I mean, I
do learn stuff, but basically I am training to be a
teacher, so why am I not teaching at the moment? Why do I
not get to be in school, which I like and where I am safe?

I have put off the inevitable for so long now, but I am
worried about tonight. I just feel totally like it will
happen. I don't know how to prevent that. I tried to
arrange to see Dom today or tomorrow to protect myself, but
can't see her til Monday now. Not fair :(((((

Oh well, better go do something constructive instead of
sitting here moaning.

Cat x

PS 2nd SISH group tonight...