Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-13 08:53:03 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Three (One And A Half)

Saturday, we went down to Dover to investigate whether we
could get a ferry on Sunday. It wasn't the best idea in the
world, but it did work. And so we planned to do that. A
booze cruise, if you will.

From Dover, we went back to Canterbury. It was wet by then,
and dark. Arsenal were playing Portsmouth in the FA Cup, and
we were in a sports-y bar with a ring piece who was too fat
and too drunk and too much of a Portsmouth fan, and some
people who were quite nice, but too much of an Arsenal fan..
..they did allow us to sit with them with our nachos
(Nach-oss). It was good fun, a good game, and the Pompey fan
went home unhappy. Which he deserved. So, on with the
evening, then.

WILT? Jackson 5 - I Want You Back