Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-13 08:44:35 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Four (Part Two)

It turned out that we'd walked into heaven on earth.

Firstly, there was a lot of people there, but we had an hour
to kill and they were all watching rugby, so we wasted many
a pound on arcade version Pro-Evo soccer and won a few on
Millionaire. That's how it goes, you know.

The game started, and I'd had a few coffees, and we'd got
onto this sofa thing. It was positions so you could lie down
and watch the big screen and drink, and everyone was a
winner. We didn't move for hours.

Sunderland won 1-0. The evening, we moved on, under protest,
but with intention, to the old schoole pub we were at the
other night. It was very nice, quiet, except for the singing
barmaid and the kids knacking about outside. It was warm
from the cold it was shelter from the storm it was, once
again, heaven on earth.

Dark wood, roaring fires, good ale. Everything.

And so the weekend rolled pleasantly to an end, it finished
as it started with a few beers and everyone tired.

WILT? Junior Senior - Move Your Feet.