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2004-05-13 05:09:41 (UTC)


I read an article about the clitoris. It was real
technical, from a medical journal and it likened the
clitoris to a tiny penis. It noted how blood can fill
this tiny little penis the same way it does in a man so I
wondered if it could be stimulated the same way. A guy
grabs the shaft and pumps it, a girl finds that spot and
rubs. What if I grabbed this tiny penis I have and pumped
it. Of course not with my whole hand, but a few fingers.
You know, if you get aroused enough you can grab onto a
clitoris, actually feel it getting hard, it's wild. It
was difficult to stop that natural masturbating tendency
from girlhood to rub, but make my fingers move up and
down. Fastest manual climax I've ever had, and I've had a
lot, I'm a major league masturbater, happens when you
can't get the guys to notice you, or if they do, to want
you like you want them. I find I can't stop thinking
about this now. I had to excuse myself at work to work on
this new masturbation technique in the ladies bathroom,
last stall, alone, listening for that opening door because
to get proper leverage my pants and panties had to be at
my ankles. How embarrasing that would have been to be
walked in on before the sweet release but it didn't
happen. More on this later....