The Nightshade Princess
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2004-05-13 04:32:27 (UTC)

An echo in a vacuum

Does anyone still check this journal. Are there any
who have not cancelled their subscriptions? Please, send
me a comment so that I know who reads this. Let me hear an
echo from this vacuum into which I've once again begun
screaming. An echo in a void like this is impossible, but
I hope for your words even knowing this. For those who do
not know me outside of this space, know that I am not
dead... not yet... Perhaps in the coming months I shall
again sporadically update here, but for those who wish to
know what has taken place in my long silence, you may visit
www.xanga.com/mythica and my (relatively) new jouranl
there will tell you what you've missed. I wish you all
well (if there are any of you left), and ask that you
continue to visit every now and then. I have not stopped
yet, and the day that I do, you will know that it is the
last entry. Until then, there is much to be said.
Goodnight until I write again.