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2004-05-13 03:11:56 (UTC)


tonight.. what a night... no tennis today, couldn't even
find the nerve to go watch laura and liz today after what
happend. in the Kentucky Post, wendy and i got trashed.
they said we didn't deserve to be seated, and that laura
and liz should have, and they were overlooked. and they
only reason wendy and i were seated was because we went to
quarter finals last year in regionals. so laura decided to
rub the article in my face this morning. well, im sorry
that we made it 3 rounds further last year and you didn't.
im sorry julie couldn't trust you as a singles player, so
she f'ing shafted you to doubles, and make that SECOND
doubles as that, behind wendy and i. yea, anyway. came home
after school, played chauffer and went to pick my mom up at
work, and then we went to the tanning bed, and got my
paycheck at work. came home and all she did was bitch bitch
and bitch. everything i did was wrong. and i didn't do
things quick enough for her, like empty the dishwasher, do
laundry, pick up the comp room (the shit erin left lying
around) and picking up my room. I'm sorry, after spending 6
hours in school, i dont come home to do more work, esp. the
day after tennis is over. so yea, my dad leaves after
dinner to work out at the condo bc Fischer is coming out
there tomorrow w/ the lawyer. and then my mom yells at me
bc i didn't offer to go and help. she is JUSt as capable as
i am. bitch. and THEN she comes crawling to me and told me
i needed to help her w/ a power point presentation for her
work. well, me being the nice person i am, i helped. and
then i said "i helped you in return for your help last
night" i was being a smart ass bc last night she was in
ANOTHER bitchy mood and wouldn't help me proof my US
history debate which is a MAJOR grade.. and she said she
didn't feel like helping me bc i didn't help her
yesterday.. what the fuck has she done for me, for me to
help her w/ her shit... jesus christ. so yea, they were
hogging the big screen tonight, so i watched 'made' up in
their room, and mom came up and said "you need to leave,
i'm going to sleep" no "good nights" no "i love you" not
even a hug good night. what the hell is going on here? i
dont know... i think there is some tension between my
parents and im getting the shit end of it.. this blows...4
months till i turn 18... can't wait.. i'm out thou... had a
fight w/ a good friend today.. he seems to think everything
i do is "stupid" so i was a little frustrated with that.
but im going to listen to some music and stuff...


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