2004-05-13 03:02:17 (UTC)

May 12th 9:47 PM

haha i wrote 3 times today!!!!! how exciting was my
day!!!!!!!!!! well anyways me and rae ended up just going
to my house after school then at like 6 we went to
danny's baseball game and they lost :-( and rachel
thought she saw 'footprints' on this wall thing and so
we were looking at it and crap and adam s. was
making fun of us and i was like "ask for your hug now
you biotch!" rachel said i looked like a whore....... thanks
RACHEL.... then afterwards mark took us to the mall
and rae bought a blue shirt for tomorrow and some
earrings. I got a sugarcult shirt, starting line shirt, KICK
ASS lightening earrings and a kurt cobain poster . But
yea rachel got to pinch me like 5 TIMES today it was
painful! and judith was punching me after school and
ima have a bruise tomorrow! Well after i got home i
was watching this crocodile thing on tv and this croc
(haha) is like 20 feet long and was eating the skinny
people. It was in africa but they spoke french...... CRAZY
i know DON'T know what to wear tomorrow ! :-( poor

My mood: ANXIOUS (donno why)

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