my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-05-13 02:16:59 (UTC)


so... today started off bleh i guess. i woke up at 930
which was nice thats late for me now...
got up, started reading. read a lot. a LOT. i love to read.
um... i thought iwas leaving with steph at liek 11. but
nooo ... she and jeff went to norshiupco and to grab her
car from davids and it turns out, west service center
(whicvh david's dad owns) is having customer apprectiation
day. so she doesnt get home til l2. dude my freakin watch
is messin u pmny typing. ah much better. any way we got o
the bank i open a checkin account. we go to grandmas i read
there. i get to churh(gp) at like 6. amy aint' there. darn
it how freakin boring. so i read till its time 2 start.
class was way boring mrs kimmy is boring i knew all the
stuff she was teaching me. amy gets there at 713. so thats
cool. after, i got to the mall with her and joey to pick
out prom shoes for him. so we get to the mall, and amy and
i go off shopping, btu not after deciding to meet at 845.
so we shop. i bought step(sissie) lots of tuff(her bday was
yesterday) and we were in line at deb's for 10 minutes and
got up there(after running through the mall i was scared
we'd get yelled at by security) and get up there and he
ain't there, go out side, he ain't there i see him gettin
in his car we yell 'joeyy!!!!" and we run to the car and
hop in and i say 'im sorry' but he cuts me off. "i dont
wanna hear it im so pissed i am so FREAKING PISSED." i was
just shocked that he got so freakin mad. we were 10 minutes
late. we tried. he has an aweful temper i am so glad we
never went out. he drove like a bat out of he** and it
freaked me out. he normally drives good but noo. yet
another reason im glad we never hooked up. ne way he goes
to kyotos to get a reservation and gets back in his carf n
says 'im not pissed ne more. if i hadn't gotten the
reservation i would be forever. but i got it.' but i was
like what the crap no way am i gonna get over it that fast.
i was so ticked off at him. i wanted to him him. hard. i
wanted to punch his lights out i was so mad that he was so
mad and drove so recklessly. i have never been mad at joey
before but i was and am. and i am not getting over it any
time soon. amy kmnew and amys mad too she knew i was ticked
he asked if i knew how to get to my house from there(i live
5 mins away from greenbrier mall) and i was so mad i didnt
wanna say anything for fear id yell at him and amy had ta
answer for me. im still real mad. and i will be.
on the plus side
kens cute hahahahah. yea. but.
there alway a but and i love that word right now.

i think i wanna be single... am yand i were talking about
how all the good guys arent decent and all the decent guys
arent good. the world is full of such scum. *cough cough*
joey*cough cough*

it makes me sad and lonely.. i hope i get married. i wanna
have sex honestly im sorry thats blunt but hey. i once
considered making a pact with myself that if i wasnt
married by 30 id change my whole lifestyle and go out n get
drunk n screw some random guy. but im thinking no thats way

ne way im gonna go.. blow off my steam i dunno on piano or
read or eat i dunno im just so mad.

he makes me want to curse. i wanted to tell him to f***
off. i havent had the urge to curse in a lonnnggg time.